The Hunter Hierarchy Model™

was developed by Anni for Leaders and Teams to overcome self sabotaging behaviour with significant others by turning around communication undercurrents.

It is based on a universal truth: our fundamental need to bond with another is beyond question. Our identity, sense of worth and development are all shaped by the way we communicate with ourselves and others.

Beneath the surface however, we position ourselves within underlying status battles. Entire exchanges might be purely about status, even when they may seem to be insignificant.
Let’s face it: Status is relative. We experience status relative to others, seeing ourselves as superior and inferior relative to other people.

We call the superior position: The HUNTER, (she who must be obeyed, he must be respected),whose modus operandi is to increase status relative to others and keep the lower status person lower down the ladder than themselves. As they dominate the space and look at you from on high, they might sound officious and deliver a message like:

I’ve no time. Make this quick- what is it? (Underlying message: Don't get in my way. My Territory, My Tribe!) Having HIGHER social status as The HUNTER, means we have the power to override and to overwhelm others, especially: The TARGET.

The TARGET, (she who will obey, he who will respect,) modus operandi is to decrease status relative to others. The TARGET position themselves as inferior to others, attributing the power to The Hunter, their social value taking precedence over their appetite for power. (Sometimes of course, we give status so as to get something in return but at some point, you need to gain status in order to be able to influence others.)

As they dwarf themselves in the space and look at you guardedly from below, they might sound scared to death (whilst putting up a good front) and deliver a message like:
Sorry for taking up your time. I’ll make this quick.
(Underlying message: Be nice to people and don't get in their way. Your Territory, Your Tribe)

As a LEADER, moving into PARTNER status means you show respect for another through the recognition of ability, boosting the other’s status and strengthening the relationship. The PARTNER knows that to reach a common goal, you cooperate; you share work load; the modus operandi being to remain behaviourally flexible so as to get the job done.

From a PARTNER, the message you’ll get might be something like:
Lets make this work for both of us. Our Territory, Our Tribe)

For PARTNER’S, the goal is the prize and credit belongs to all.