Communication workshops decode how the quality of thinking and the nature of behaviour are shaped by how we process information.

All workshops employ actors in role to recognise what’s not working, where change can occur and how to get results.

TRAINING components

How we process information and what we do with it
Understand Status
Build Rapport
Enhance Flexibility 

Behavioral Flexibility
Lead From Within
Cultivate Confidence

Understand Internal Responses
Manage your state
Overcome Barriers 

Access Presence
Overcome Nerves
Present With Power

Playful Improvisation
Inspiration, Innovation, Collaboration
Communication Workshop offers Individual and group coaching.

Return On your Investment:

Did you know.... that those employees who receive training can be 230 per cent more productive than untrained colleagues who are working in the same role.
Source: Smith A., 2001, Return on Investment in Training: Research Readings

The results are in Training And Motivating can escalate

  • Shared Language
  • Heightened Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity & Innovation,
  • Developing Self Efficacy
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Anni’s Communication course provided an excellent opportunity to throw a fun and engaging spotlight on how we handle ourselves in our communication with each other and those we deal with every day.

Bringing in the skills learned throughout a 25 year career as one of Australia’s best actors Anni and ANNIinc team member Pricilla took us through a range of improvised drama scenarios and exercises to challenge us. I’ve watched a lovely group of people really blossom since the session.

Corrie McLeod – Espresso Communications